The earth swallows Joshimath 2.5 inches every year! Revealed from satellite data, get to know the whole thing.

In Uttarakhand’s Joshimath, people are in a panic due to cracks in their houses for the past few months. The land here is continually sinking. In this regard, the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing has published a study. This study tells something shocking. According to the study, the land in and around Joshimath is sinking up to 2.5 inches every year. The institute has studied the data for two years and has now published its report on it.

In Uttarakhand, which often faces weather catastrophes, these days people are in panic due to another danger. Here in Joshimath, people are in danger after huge cracks appeared in houses and roads. Now, sensing the danger here, the administration has also started the demolition work of large buildings and hotels, but it is also opposed to it. According to the report on our partner website, the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing has published a study which points towards a big threat. The report indicates that the land in and around Joshimath is sinking up to 2.5 inches each year. This Dehradun-based institute used satellite data for this study. He found in the study that there is a constant movement of tectonic plates here and that the situation here is still very delicate.

Joshimath is a famous place in terms of religious faith. But for some time large cracks have developed in the houses and roads here. Not only this, a similar situation is also being seen in another small town 90 kilometers below the town. On the other hand, the local people of Joshimath say that this situation has arisen due to the Tapovan project of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). Satellite photographs of this area from July 2020 to March 2022 were closely examined, after which it was found that this entire area is slowly sinking. Not just Joshimath, many other areas around it are also under this danger.

Faced with the danger of land subsidence in Joshimath, some 110 families have left their homes. The administration is trying to evict this entire town. But the local people have started to oppose the bulldozer operation here, after which the demolition work on the houses has been stopped for the time being. People say they have not been given advance information about the demolition.

The Uttarakhand government has issued information that, apart from hotels and commercial buildings, there are 678 houses that are at risk of collapsing. This danger is not just limited to Joshimath. Recently, the news of such cracks in more than 50 houses in Karnprayag came to light. Karnprayag is a small village before entering Joshimath. There are reports of large cracks in many houses in Bahuguna Nagar.

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