The famous writer Salman Rushdie said that horrible dreams come after losing your sight. ‘Horrible dreams come after losing your sight,’ famous writer Salman Rushdie said after his attack

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NY: After last year’s attack on famous author Salman Rushdie, he lost sight in his right eye, has trouble writing and has nightmares. Rushdie gave an interview for the first time since the attack and said he was feeling better. He said in the interview published in the New Yorker newspaper on Monday: ‘I feel better now. But considering what happened, I think I’m not so bad. The author talks to David Remnick. Remnick spoke to him face-to-face at his agent’s office and via Zoom. He said that the main wounds have healed.

Rushdie said: ‘I still have pain in my thumb, palm etc. I’m doing a lot of hand therapy and I’m getting better.’ Remnick wrote that Booker Prize winner Rushdie has lost more than 40 pounds and reads primarily from the iPad, which allows him to adjust the brightness and font size.

Rushdie spent many years in hiding

According to Remnick, the author has scars on the right side of his face but is as fluent as ever. However, in this sequence, his bottom lip curls to the side. Rushdie (75), born in Mumbai, received a fatwa issued against him in 1989 by Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei after the publication of his novel The Satanic Verses.

Because of this, Rushdie spent many years in hiding. Although for a while he led a normal life. Last year, during a concert at the Chautauqua Institution in western New York, he was attacked on stage by a young man named Hadi Matar. During this interview, Rushdie called Matar an idiot, although he said that he was not angry. He said: ‘I tried very hard to avoid recriminations and bitterness all these years. One way to deal with all of this is to look ahead and not back. What will happen tomorrow is more important than what happened yesterday.

This interview comes just before the publication of Rushdie’s new novel, “Victory City”. He had finished this novel a month before his attack. He said in the interview that after the attack on him, the sales of his books increased. He said: ‘Now that I am almost dead, everyone loves me. At the time, it was my fault. I not only lived but tried to live well. serious mistake. The attack resulted in 15 injuries.

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