The G20 meeting started from Bangalore and focused on the environment and climate stability on the first day. G20 meeting started in Bangalore, focus remained on these issues on the first day

G20 meeting kicks off in Bangalore - India TV Hindi

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G20 meeting begins in Bangalore

New Delhi. The meeting of the G-20 countries under the chairmanship of India kicked off from Bangalore from Thursday. At the first meeting of the Climate and Environmental Sustainability Working Group under the Indian chairmanship of the G-20 group, it was decided to focus on the regeneration of areas affected by mining and forest fires. The conference, organized by the Ministry of the Environment, Forests and Climate Change, is chaired by the Secretary of the Ministry, Leena Nandan. The working group will have four meetings between February and May.

The first meeting, which started in Bangalore, will continue until February 9, the second meeting will be held in Gandhinagar (March 27-29), the third in Mumbai (May 21-23) and the fourth in Chennai ( May 26-27). ). The ministerial level meeting is likely to be held in Chennai on July 28. Several representatives of the G-20 countries together with representatives of international organizations are attending the meeting with the aim of adopting an integrated, comprehensive and consensual approach to face the challenges of climate change. India’s presidency of the G20 group aims to take an integrated, comprehensive and consensual approach to addressing the challenges of climate change and promoting sustainable development.

Representatives of the G20 countries, including Turkey, will visit the monument to the victims of the earthquake in Bhuj

The theme of the first G-20 is ‘LIFE’: promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The officials said that ‘Life’ is an important issue. He informed that during the three-day meeting a program on ecosystem and biodiversity restoration methodology will also be organized. The G20 grouping is an intergovernmental forum of the world’s major developed and developing economies. A group of G20 delegates is scheduled to visit a historical monument built in Bhuj after the devastating 2001 earthquake on Friday. The group is currently in Rann of Kutch in Gujarat for the first G20 meeting on tourism and three of the delegates are from Turkey. His visit comes as a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria a few days ago, killing more than 19,300 people and flattening thousands of buildings.

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