The investors will energize the talented youth of the UP. Investors will energize the talented youth of the UP

Digital desk, Lucknow. Efforts are underway to bring Uttar Pradesh innovators and investors together on a single platform. The Department of Youth Welfare and Sports of the Government of the UP has increased its steps in this field. In the coming times, the talented poor children of this place will have a chance to fly.

The State Sports and Youth Welfare Department will start an innovation center in Lucknow. Both innovators and investors will meet in this center once a week. The innovators will present their ideas. If an investor likes it, it will help move it forward.

In this regard, the Uttar Pradesh Chapter of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry also organized a two-day program in Lucknow in collaboration with the MSME Department, the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Get A Franchisee LLP. The PHD Chamber of Commerce and UP Angel Network are ready to cooperate for the Department of Youth Welfare to initiate the Startup Exchange Program.

It is noteworthy that India is a country of youth. About 70 percent of the country’s population is under 35 years of age. Out of these, the number of young people who go to school alone is more than 25 crores. These young people are also digitally strong.

The youth of the country are also committed to innovation from their own level. Its results have also turned out to be positive. For example, in 2015, India was ranked 81st in the Global Innovation Index. In 2022, it improved to number 41. Being the largest state in terms of population, it is also the youngest state in the country. There is also a lot of emphasis on innovation from the government. In this regard, the government has also brought a new home policy. Under the policy, there is a goal to start 10,000 new businesses by 2025.

According to the latest data, 7800 new companies have been launched so far. In this sequence, against the target of 100 startup incubators, 55 have been established. Rs 2.17 crore has been disbursed to the incubators under capex and opex grants. To promote innovation itself, the UP govt has set up a fund of funds of Rs 1000 crore in 2021. In addition, Rs 3.30 crore has been disbursed to startups under the SIDBI UP Fund of Funds . The general objective is to empower young people by promoting innovation. Those young people who rely on their entrepreneurial spirit to become donors instead of looking for work.

According to the Additional Chief Secretary of the State Youth Welfare and Sports Department, Navneet Sehgal, in the last 6 years there has been a change in the industrial sector of the state. The way foreign investors showed interest in investing in Uttar Pradesh during their recent overseas visit for Invest UP Roadshow is proof of unprecedented change in itself. This is all a result of the excellent work being done in the country and the state under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. This is the reason why the representation of UP people in the National Startup Ecosystem is increasing. Certainly, due to the positive environment in the coming times, it will increase further.


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