The iPhone that was launched by Steve Jobs, sold after 16 years for so many lakhs; know why


Mobile News Desk – There’s a lot of craze for Apple iPhones. People will do anything to buy it. When it comes to smartphones, the iPhone name comes first. Apple released its first iPhone in 2007. Now, the first-generation sealed iPhone has been sold at auction for $54,904 (around Rs 45 lakh). As MacRumors reports, it originally cost $599 when it was first introduced in 2007, making that a markup of more than $54,000.

Apple Former Employee Auction
A former Apple employee who bought the original iPhone when it launched put it up for sale at RR Auction. RR Auction also sold an ‘undiscovered’ Apple-1 computer for an undisclosed sum, along with other Apple merchandise and memorabilia that fetched high prices. The report claims that an iPhone signed by Apple CEO Tim Cook was found in the US on January 11, $12,500 was spent on a technical manual annotated by Steve Jobs, and a Steve Jobs business card was sold. for $6,188.

IPhone 1 sold for 52 thousand rupees
Last month, it was reported that the first-generation iPhone sold at auction for a record price of $63,356 (roughly Rs. 52,00,000), which was the highest ever sale for the original 2007 iPhone. Meanwhile In August last year, a 2007 first-generation iPhone in a sealed box sold at auction in the US for $35,000 (roughly Rs. 28 lakhs).

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