The railways shared exciting pictures in the cold weather. Railways shared exciting images in the cold weather

Digital desk, New Delhi. Despite the fact that the winter season gives a cold feeling, the beauty of some places increases even more in the cold season. In this regard, Indian Railways has shared exciting pictures of snow covered stations in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Ministry of Railways has shared a video on Twitter of a beautiful view of a train passing through a snow-covered valley in Kashmir. In the video, the train is seen passing through the Hamre station in Jammu and Kashmir. Earlier, Minister of State for Railways Darshana Jardosh had also shared images of the snow-covered Srinagar railway station on Twitter.

Significantly, the harsh winter has engulfed the entire North India. Normal life has been disrupted due to the cold snap. But nature has also blessed some places with great beauty this season. Especially in Jammu and Kashmir, the spreading white layer of snow gives everyone a glimpse of heaven on earth.

These days, India’s Minister of State for Railways, Darshana Zardosh, has become convinced of the beauty of nature. She has shared many photos on Twitter, one after another, of the snow-covered Srinagar railway station. These photos posted on social media look very beautiful. The footage shows a blanket of snow all around and a passenger train passing through the snow-covered Baramulla-Banihal section of Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian Railways is considered to be the largest railway network in the world. The railway has built its network on plains, hills, mountains, under water, etc. The Jammu and Kashmir railway network is the highest altitude network in the country. Currently, severe cold snap conditions are observed in the valley along with snowfall. Srinagar recorded a low of -3.2 degrees Celsius while Banihal recorded 4.6 degrees Celsius.


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