The release of new PCs and laptops may be affected by the Corona outbreak in China

Due to the rapid spread of Corona again in China in recent weeks, there may be labor shortages in many industries. This is also expected to affect the release of new PCs and laptops. In China, the government had somewhat relaxed Corona-related restrictions. Since then the number of people infected with this virus has been increasing.

The difficulties of suppliers of personal computer and laptop manufacturing companies in China have also increased due to Corona. Many workers of some of these firms have been infected with the virus and due to this, production has also had to be temporarily stopped. This will delay shipments, which will affect the availability of products like new laptops. Contract manufacturing companies like Compal, Inventec, Quanta and Wistron have yet to face component or worker shortages. They have not asked their suppliers to increase production because they already have inventory and do not expect demand to be very high in the first quarter.

However, large companies that make personal computers may face difficulties and this is expected to affect the supply of PCs. The situation in China is getting worse due to the increase in Corona cases. A large number of people are becoming infected with the new variant called BF.7 from this epidemic. The reports coming from China have shocked the entire world.

The videos coming from hospitals in China are terrifying. One of those videos has been shared on social networks, in which it can be seen that a doctor was so tired from the workload that he fell into his chair. This video has been shared by ‘The Telegraph’. It can be seen in the hospital that a doctor is attending to the patients present there. After this, he suddenly falls on his chair and other doctors come to help him. This indicates that hospitals in China are full of patients and systems have completely collapsed. Experts say that in the next 90 days, 60 percent of China’s population may be infected with Corona.

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