The rubble of the earthquake in Syria gives birth to a girl who receives a name and a new home

Earthquake in Syria: This week’s powerful earthquake in Syria killed thousands of people. On the one hand, the earthquake completely destroyed the lives of thousands of people, on the other hand, a miracle also occurred in this tragedy. A woman gave birth to a girl despite being buried under rubble. The woman’s life could not be saved, but the child is completely safe. The girl now also has her name. girl nameBabysitter‘ is placed. In Arabic it means ‘Sign of God’.

Aya’s parents and all her siblings have died in the earthquake. The girl’s only support is her uncle Salah al-Bradan. Al Bradan will take her niece with him after she is released from the hospital. However, her own home in the town of Gendris, in northwestern Syria, was also destroyed by the quake. He told The Associated Press that he and his family were able to escape from the one-story building, but now he and his family of 11 are living in a tent.

Rescue done after 10 hours

Uncle Salah al-Bradan said: ‘No one has been able to live in their house or building after the earthquake. Only 10% of the buildings here are safe to live in and the rest are unfit to live in. According to press reports, ‘Aya’ was rescued by rescuers in Gendris more than 10 hours after the earthquake. Buried under the cement, the girl was linked to her mother, Afrah Abu Hadiya, by an umbilical cord. The girl was immediately taken to a hospital in the nearby city of Afrin.

improvement in child’s condition

“We call her Aya, so we can stop calling her newborn,” said Dr. Hani Maarouf at Cihan Hospital in Afrin. His condition is improving day by day and he has no spinal damage.” Let us tell you that the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred on February 6 has killed more than 21,000 people in northern Syria and southeastern Syria. Turkey.

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