The Russian army surrounds Bakhmut from three sides Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Rajnikov may become

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Russia-Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine is going to last about 1 year. Meanwhile, a fierce war is going on in both countries. Life and death battles are being fought in cities like Donetsk and Bakhmut. Meanwhile, there is news that the Russian army has surrounded Bakhmut on three sides. This is demoralizing the Ukrainian soldiers. Bakhmut is the most important city in Ukraine in terms of strategic strategy. If Russia wins it, then Ukraine can come on the defensive. Russia has put all the power of her to capture Bakhmut. Here, the chair of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Rajnikov is in danger.

Zelensky’s party aims to replace Defense Minister

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s party has talked about replacing Defense Minister Oleksiy Raznikov at a time when a fierce battle is raging in the Russia-Ukraine war and cross-border fighting between the two countries is hotly contested. But Zelensky’s party has decided to remove Rajnikov due to allegations of corruption and fraud against him. It is also said that he has not been implicated in any crime. President Zelensky’s political party said on Sunday that he would move to replace Ukraine’s defense minister. Fierce fighting is taking place in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian officials say it is the start of a new Russian offensive.

Will the Ukrainian army be weakened by the dismissal of the Defense Minister?
In the midst of a fierce war, whether the decision to dismiss its Minister of Defense due to the accusations may cost Ukraine dearly, whether the removal of Rajnikov will reduce the morale of the Ukrainian army, etc. Many questions also resonate. However, Zelensky’s party no longer wants to face these accusations. So the fate of Defense Minister Oleksiy Rajnikov is caught between a growing scandal of financial irregularities within the ministry and a government investigation into corruption.

David Arakhamiya, head of David Zelensky’s Servant of the People party in parliament, said on Sunday that Reznikov could be transferred to another ministry. Although Rajnikov has denied it. He has clearly said that he has the experience of any other ministry. However, he has also said that only Zelensky can decide whether he will stay. “No official stays in office forever. “I will do what the head of state tells me.”

Battle of thorns in Bakhmut
At present, the Kyiv troops are under heavy pressure in eastern Ukraine. There is particularly fierce fighting in and around the city of Bakhmut. A Russian paramilitary leader said Ukrainian forces were defending “every street, every house, every stairway” as they quickly tried to stop Moscow from denying them their first significant battlefield success in months. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Russian private military company Wagner who led Russia’s brutal operation in Bakhmut, said Ukrainian soldiers were “fighting to the end.” He denied reports on social media that Kyiv forces were withdrawing from the eastern Donetsk region. Prigozhin said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not retreating anywhere. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s defense minister claimed that at least 500 Russian soldiers fighting to capture Bakhmut were being killed or wounded every day.

Russian soldiers want to give a gift to Putin on the anniversary of the war on February 24
Russian soldiers have become extremely aggressive. He wants to give this great gift to Putin on the occasion of the completion of one year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 through the capture of Bakhmut. Bakhmut has been heavily shelled by the Kremlin army since last summer. It is a city in Ukraine that Moscow considers vital to achieving Putin’s goal of capturing Donbass, which includes the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Ukraine has warned that Russia could launch a new offensive in the east. Zelensky warned in his Sunday night speech that Russia wanted to do something “symbolic” this month to avenge last year’s defeat. So Russia has stepped up its operations in the east and brought in more troops. Russia has intensified cannon attacks. Russian forces have gradually surrounded Bakhmut on three sides and cut off many roads leading to and from the city. This has left the Ukrainian army with a highway as its last major supply line, or possible escape route.

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