The sun shines again, turns out to be the most powerful solar flare, radio blackout in New Zealand-Australia

Our Sun is going through its 11-year cycle and is in a very active phase. Because of this, sunspots are seen on the Sun, because events like solar flares, coronal mass ejection (CME) are coming to the fore. It is affecting the land. Even today solar flare activity has been observed on the Sun. This X-class solar flare caused shortwave radio blackouts on Earth, affecting areas of the South Pacific such as Australia and New Zealand.

In a report yesterday we told you that the next few days are very important for our planet. In fact, a huge cloud of magnetized plasma has erupted from a sunspot hidden far away on the Sun, which is also called a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection). There is no danger to Earth from this, but the hidden sunspot on the Sun may soon focus on Earth. The land may be affected by subsequent explosions.

Earlier on Wednesday the Earth also had to deal with a small solar storm. She collided with a satellite and knocked it out of orbit. And because of today’s solar flare, the earth has been directly affected. It has affected the South Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand, where shortwave radio blackouts have occurred. has reported that Earth-orbiting satellites have detected an X1.2-class solar flare. Its solar source is the rising sunspot AR3182. The solar flare was so strong that it affected much of the South Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand, causing a shortwave radio blackout.

Satellites detected this solar flare around 6:27 in the morning. It is not yet known if any satellites have been damaged due to this solar flare. Significantly, the X-Class solar flare is among the most powerful solar flares. Due to this, GPS and wireless communications may be affected. Everything from the power grid to supercomputers can also be damaged.

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