The threat of war increased between China and the United States after the relationship balloon burst in World War III. The threat of war increased after the “balloon” of relations between China and the United States burst, will there now be a World War?

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China’s alleged spy balloon

New Delhi. Since the United States burst the Chinese spy balloon, the internal bubble of relations between the two countries has also burst. Amid tensions over Taiwan, the two countries were trying to normalize relations. Even during the G20 conference in Bali, Indonesia in November 2022, US President Joe Biden warmly welcomed Xi Jinping, saying he wanted to normalize relations. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was about to visit China. It was expected that after this, the frozen ice between China-US relations could melt further, but China by sending the alleged spy balloon to the US not only completely destroyed the chances, but also prepared the script for a big war.

This direct tension between the US and China stems from the war between Russia and Ukraine. Now the question is whether after China’s spy balloon is shot down, the two countries will collide with each other, after all, what is China’s compulsion or strategy to remain silent even after the balloon is blown up? . If there is a direct clash between the United States and China, then World War III is likely to occur. Almost 8 decades have passed since World War II. In this way the world has come a long way. Therefore, if there is a third world war, the devastation will be many times greater than the second world war, which must be understood as unlimited.

Has China violated international norms?

In fact, a balloon was suddenly seen in the sky over America last week. Now the question is whether this Chinese balloon was monitoring in America. Or did you participate in investigative work as China claims? The answers to these questions may not be immediately clear, but one thing is clear: the Chinese balloon raid has raised questions about the limits of international law. The incident has further complicated the already tense relationship between the United States and China. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s scheduled visit to Beijing has been postponed, while China has reacted with diplomatic fury to the downing of the balloon. The two sides have been locked in a longstanding standoff over the presence of US warships in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait. China considers it as its territorial waters, while from America’s point of view it is an international territorial sea.

The two superpowers will collide
The question is also whether the air will now be the next reason for the clash between the two superpowers around this globe. The long military history of hot air balloons has led to a somewhat benign public image. However, they also have a long military history dating back to the Napoleonic era in Europe in the 18th and early 19th centuries, when balloons were used for surveillance and bombing missions. The early laws of war also included some specific provisions for the military use of balloons during armed conflicts. However, the military importance of balloons in the age of drones is not very visible now.

Balloons may no longer be very effective in combat, but they retain a unique surveillance capability. Because they fly at higher altitudes than aircraft, they can hover over sensitive terrain, are difficult to detect by radar, and can also impersonate deployed weather balloons. The Chinese balloon was at a tremendous height of 60,000 feet.

It is illegal to fly without a US permit.
It was illegal for this Chinese balloon to fly on its territory without the permission of the United States. If it wasn’t really a spy balloon, then China could have gotten US permission for this. But the dragon did not. Many types of questions arise in this situation. In such a situation, the action of the United States against the Chinese balloon seems very strong from a legal point of view, given the international rules. The flight over the airspace could only take place with the permission of the US, which was clearly violated. China initially tried to point out a malfunction in the balloon, claiming that it entered US territory as a result of force majeure.

If the balloon flew by itself, it would move perfectly with the direction of the wind. However, a ‘Scientific American’ report claims there appears to be a high degree of control over the balloon, especially as it appears to be resting at sensitive US defense facilities in Montana. The United States has shown great restraint in dealing with this encroachment. The balloon incident has clearly tested the administration of US President Joe Biden and the US response to China’s escalating military aggression. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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