The United States and India team up to beat China in AI technology, these big changes will happen in the military and telecommunications!

There is a saying from time immemorial that says that war is not only won with weapons but with the mind. This fits perfectly in the context of the contentious trade relations between the United States and China. The United States is concerned about China’s intellectual power. Because of this, now the country called Super Power has joined India so that China’s mind power can be defeated. Technology has completely changed the face of battles and wars between countries. Now not just the field, the war of the mind has also become a huge challenge that includes things like cyber attacks, website hacking which can become a huge threat to a country’s economy.

For the past few years, China has been working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and through this is preparing such devices so that instead of soldiers in war, AI devices can be placed in front of the enemy. These include devices like robots and drones. Recently there were reports about the use of drones in the war between Russia and Ukraine. That is why the technology has now become a new weapon on the battlefield, which China is developing rapidly and this has raised the concern of the United States.

The United States and India have come together to compete with this technological army from China. Now the United States is also dedicated to manufacturing devices with artificial intelligence. Because of this, a deal has been made between India and the United States. According to a Reuters report, the US has reached a deal with India on semiconductor devices and artificial intelligence. Together, both countries are preparing to beat China’s advanced imaging technology. For this, India and the United States have taken the initiative of Critical and Imaging Technology. This will allow the exchange of software and hardware between the two countries in the technological battle against China.

The United States has allied with India to control China. To do this, it is trying to install a Western mobile phone network in the Indian subcontinent in order to defeat Chinese technology Huawei. Because China’s Huawei Technology also has a large presence in the mobile telecommunication sector in India. Through this, the United States hopes that a large number of computer chip specialists from India will come to their country. After which both countries will also benefit in the manufacture of modern military weapons.

Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan and his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval launched the Indo-US Critical and Emerging Technology alliance while meeting with top officials at the White House on Tuesday. The President of the United States wants India’s telecommunication infrastructure to move away from the old structure and develop in a new way with American technology. Through this alliance, it has been said that both countries benefit both in telecommunications and in the military with state-of-the-art weapons.

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