The veteran player made a big statement about Rishabh Pant, saying: If he was in the team, Australia would have lost sleep.

Rishabh Pant, the star player of the Indian cricket team, is recovering from the accident. Because of this, he will be unable to play in the four-match test series against Australia. Former Australian captain Ian Chappell has also issued a great statement on the matter.

Nagpur. Former Australia captain Ian Chappell believes Rishabh Pant’s presence would give Pat Cummins and his teammates sleepless nights, but despite this, India will start the four-test series from Thursday as strong contenders. for the victory. Pant was injured in a car accident in December of last year and has yet to be released from the hospital after undergoing multiple knee and heel surgeries. Chappell said India will really miss Rishabh Pant. The Australian team will be happy. He is a fast break player. He is the type of player who can keep his players on their toes, score quick scores, and convert matches in a single session.

Chappell also said that Ravichandran Ashwin will definitely be the biggest threat, but Australian batsmen should take a proactive approach against him. He said why could there be a danger from Ashwin? Because he is a ‘smart’ cricketer. Ashwin will always create trouble for you. Now if you let him bowl the way he wants, you’ll be in trouble. He will be a threat to Australia. They have to take a proactive approach against it.

Chappell said you have to think about taking a proactive approach. If you’re not playing on your terms, you’re in trouble. You have to rotate the strike taking a run or two. He (Ashwin) then has to change his strategy for that hitter. Nathan Lyon, who has taken over 400 wickets in Test cricket, knows how to bowl in India but Chappell wants his deliveries to stray away from right-handed batsmen.

He said one thing Lyon should do is make the ball drift wide for right-handed hitters. Good spinners do this. This gives batters the opportunity to hit offside shots. In such a situation, when the bowler goes back to the previous strategy, he will have the opportunity to take out the bowled batsman or lbw.” Chappell said: “It is important that India don’t let Lyon dominate them. If Lyon dominates the Indians, it will be easier for Pat Cummins to rotate his fastball and he won’t have to throw fastball from both ends.

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