Theft | Robbery in 2 houses in broad daylight; Clean hands cash, jewelry

Robbery in 2 houses in broad daylight;  Clean hands cash, jewelry

wardha, Due to the daughter’s marriage, the whole family and guests had come out for the marriage. Silence fell on campus. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the thieves broke into two houses in broad daylight. As soon as the said incident came to light in Swagat Colony, Pipri (Meghe) on Saturday afternoon, the robbers made off with cash, gold and silver jewellery. Ramnagar Police is investigating the matter.

According to information, the daughter of Krishnarao Misal, a resident of Swagat Colony, got married on Saturday. Many guests had come for this. The whole family locked up the house and came to Saroj Mangal’s office to get married. Silence fell on the campus due to the arrival of many families from the neighborhood for the wedding. Between 11.30 and 12.30, the thieves broke into the home of Misal and her neighbor Shankar Bhowre, where the thieves took gold and silver jewelry and cash worth Rs 15,000 from Bhowre’s house.

The locks on the doors of both houses were broken.

In the same place, for example, the material was stolen from the bags of the guests stored on the lower and upper floors. After opening the almirah, the divan and all the bags, the contents were thrown out in disorder. This incident came to light when some family members came home. The locks on the main doors of both houses were broken, as soon as the information about the robbery was received, the Ramnagar police team arrived at the place.

There was a commotion in the premises due to the robbery in the house where the wedding was taking place in broad daylight. In this case, Ramnagar Police registered a case and started searching for the thieves.

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