Theft | Terror of thieves in Deori, robbery in 2 places in one night

Terror of thieves in Deori, robbery in 2 places in one night

Deori, In the midst of the growing terror of thieves in the city, on March 26, an atmosphere of panic was generated in the city due to theft in two places simultaneously. At around 5am on Sunday morning, two robbers broke into the Mahavir rice mill located on Deori-Amgaon road in Agrasen Chowk off the National Highway which runs through the center of the city breaking the lock from the front and he was left with the locker of the rice mill there breaking the lock Lakh rupees were crossed, this whole incident was captured on the CCTV camera installed in the mill.

In the images of the security cameras it is clearly seen that the thieves had arrived in a white car. Earlier, the thieves entered a house in Navatola located on the National Highway near Deori and stole gold ornaments and cash kept in the closet. On examining the CCTV camera installed near the location, it was found that the same white colored car was used in the robberies in Deori and Navatola.

This daring robbery was taken by police at two locations simultaneously in the early hours of the day and night in this crowded area and the incident was investigated by the dog squad and forensic team. Apart from this, the exercise to track down the thieves by scanning the CCTV footage of the surrounding areas has started. On the basis of various sections, Deori Police have launched an investigation into the robbery at Mahavir Rice Mill located in Deori under the leadership of SHO Praveen Dange. While the investigation of the robbery in Navatola continues until the news is written and the case has not been registered.

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