There is life in Mars? NASA scientist gave this answer, see video

Scientists looking for life outside of Earth have the greatest “confidence” in Mars. The American space agency NASA has been sending its missions to Mars for many years to understand the conditions there. Many scientists believe that billions of years ago, the climate on Mars was favorable for life to flourish. NASA’s Perseverance rover has begun taking samples from the Red Planet, but is there life on Mars? NASA astrobiologist Heather Graham has shared information about it.

In a video, he recounted that we have been looking for life on Mars for a long time. NASA has yet to find any evidence of life on Mars. Heather Graham says, although we have found a lot of evidence that perhaps this planet could have supported life in the past, that is, the planet was habitable.

In the video, Graham says that there is a lot of evidence to suggest that Mars once had a vast ocean. There was an atmosphere that could support life. But there is still Mars to explore. There are places worth living in. These include the deep subsoil of the planet, underground places where liquid matter or organisms can live. Although Graham clarified that the surface of Mars is too dangerous to live because there is more radiation there.

Significantly, NASA has been sending its missions to Mars for many years. 3 rovers are currently busy exploring the planet. These include NASA’s Perseverance Rover and Curiosity Rover, while China’s Zhurong Rover is also taking part in its mission to Mars. Leading a mission to Mars is not an easy task. Dust storms there affect the rovers’ solar panels. NASA’s Insight Rover has recently come to an end.

NASA plans to bring the samples collected on Mars to Earth early in the next decade. When these samples reach Earth, then some important discoveries may emerge. You can tell how much life is likely to flourish on Mars in the future.

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