These 4 unhealthy processed foods can give you diabetes and cancer.

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If you are a working woman, preparing breakfast early in the morning can be a difficult task for you. Because in a rush in the morning, it becomes difficult to choose a healthy option along with making something tasty. In such a situation, we often become dependent on packaged and processed foods. Which are ready in minutes and also help soothe test bust. But did you know that your habit of processed foods (unhealthy processed foods) Can it cause many major health problems? Yes, according to dietitians, these healthy-looking processed foods weaken the body and cause many health problems.

To learn about the downsides of these processed foods, we spoke with Poonam Duneja, Director of the Nutrify by Poonam Diet and Wellness Clinic and Academy, who gave us the inside scoop on this topic.

Learn from the experts how processed foods are bad for you?

Talking about the disadvantages of processed foods, Poonam Duneja, Director of Nutrify by Poonam Diet and Wellness Clinic and Academy, said that consuming processed foods can lead to many diseases in your body.

According to dietitian Poonam, one should refrain from consuming processed foods on a regular basis. Because its consumption can cause the hormone insulin to increase. It tends to crash after a while, which can leave you craving it again in no time.

The second reason is that it leads to chronically high insulin. Which can also cause obesity. Having high insulin levels can upset your hormone balance, which can increase inflammation in the body. It is recommended to have a nutritious meal, rich in protein and fiber before carbohydrates to avoid the problem of insulin spikes.

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According to the dietitian, you should not consume these 4 processed foods even by mistake.

Eating bread every day is not healthy.
Eating bread for breakfast every day is harmful. Image: Shutterstock

1. White bread

According to experts, white bread is consumed in most homes for breakfast. While white bread can cause harm to your digestive system. Along with this, wheat bread can also harm your health. Instead of this you can have homemade wheat bread.

2. Energy drink

Often, most people believe that packaged drinks are a healthy option for health. But only fruit flavor is used in packaged drinks. A lot of sugar and chemicals are used for this. Which can make you feel lethargic and weak.

3. Packaged breakfast option

In the morning rush, we often turn to pre-packaged breakfast options for easy breakfast options. Which can be consumed by heating for just a few minutes. Apart from this, many people consume breakfast cereals, which are used for the high sugar and chemical content.

French fries and flavored soft drinks are on the list of highly processed foods. Image: Shutterstock

4. Chips and flavored sodas

Children are often very fond of eating flavored chips and soft drinks. But chips and flavored sodas fall under the list of highly processed foods, lots of preservatives are used to store them. Which makes it an unhealthy option rather than a healthy option.

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