This incredible place seen after the ‘bear face’ on Mars! NASA shared a photo taken from the HiRISE camera

NASA’s mission to Mars continues and the space agency is constantly looking for evidence of life on Mars. The search for life on planets other than Earth is currently paramount among human aspirations. Under this campaign, NASA continues to provide updates on rocks or other objects found on the surface of Mars. Now the space agency has shared a photo of a large crater in which many layers are visible.

NASA has released a photo of a large crater on Mars. It has been named Prometheus Terra Crater. A layered structure has been found in it. The Prometheus Terra Crater is a large impact crater in the southern hemisphere of Mars that has an insular, table-like land surface. It was captured by NASA’s High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE).

The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) is a camera that can take pictures at very high resolution. It is mounted on NASA’s Mars Resonance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft. The MRO spacecraft is part of NASA’s Mars mission campaign that has been orbiting Mars since 2006. The Promethea terra crater has long been a topic of interest to scientists. With the help of this crater, the agency will be able to understand the geology and climate of Mars. In addition, it will help to find out how Mars would have formed.

The HiRise camera at MRO is controlled by the University of Arizona. This is not the first time that this camera has detected a crater. Recently, NASA shared another amazing image through her. Very interesting this image of the surface of Mars in which the face of a bear was seen to form. In fact, according to NASA, these are two craters that are shaped like an eye due to their proximity. Around it is visible a circular outline, due to which this entire structure takes the shape of a bear’s face. It also suggests the possibility that a volcano might be in the shape of the bear’s nose.

HiRISE is said to be able to take very high resolution photos. With his help, NASA has collected a lot of information about the surface of Mars so far. This camera is said to be very powerful and has also taken pictures of valleys, volcanoes, etc. In mars. With its help, it is said to be of great help in understanding the geology of Mars. With the help of this, the agency is also trying to find evidence of water on Mars or life on Mars.

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