Today’s Special News | Honeytrap in politics, who is the architect of the conspiracy? This is not Maharashtra tradition…!

Honeytrap in politics, who is the architect of the conspiracy?  This is not the Maharashtrian tradition…!

The way the bribe was offered to Amrita Fadnavis, wife of one of Maharashtra’s most handsome leaders, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, and the way a conspiracy was hatched to put the Fadnavis family in trouble, it is natural that create a ruckus. There is no such tradition in the politics of a developed state like Maharashtra where the enemies of political ideology get caught in a trap in this way and their career is hampered. Despite the fact that the political motive in the case of the fashion designer cheating has not yet been revealed, if there is something, then it is fatal for the entire state. Using honeytrap stamps to shine your policy cannot be considered justified under any circumstances.

A big BJP leader in the state often says that there is now a phase of politics where it is not so much threatened by outsiders as it is by ‘gharwals’. Referring to this, he says that often only relatives like his brother-nephew, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, wife, brother-in-law, and brother-in-law are ahead of drowning the ‘great leaders’. That is why he maintains his opinion that if a leader really wants to grow, he must keep his family away from his active politics. Another example of this type was seen recently. When the alleged video of the Shinde MLA Prakash Surve faction and a female leader went viral on social media.

The state government has set up an SIT to verify the veracity of the video, but it is said that the video being discussed about going viral was being broadcast live on Surve’s son’s Facebook handle. The truth of him will also be known soon. The Fadnavis case is completely different from this one. His wife has nothing to do with politics. Amrita is a banker, singer and has her own circle. The whole thing seems to be that if you can’t catch Devendra Fadnavis alone in any wrongdoing, and then use family members to implicate him, then it can’t be called a very proper way.

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you have to be more careful

The way Aniksha, daughter of cricket bookmaker Ajay Jaisinghani, tried to entrap Amrita Fadnavis, politicians need to be even more careful if seen up close. In this age of social media revolution, who finds us, who should we meet, who should we engage with, who should we sit down and sit down with, need to be more vigilant about this. Especially the leaders who are involved in power, there are a huge number of chameleons around them, which change color as soon as they come to power. How much trust should be given to people like Aniksha Jaisinghani and how much concession should be given to them will also have to be considered.

Good jugglers still roam Mumbai’s Mayanagari. Avoiding these jugglery, Fadnavis successfully completed his first term as Chief Minister. There is no challenge to his Mr. Clean image even today, but cases like Jaisinghani can play a role in shaking his courage and spirit. Aniksha Jaisinghani posed as a designer to get into the Deputy Chief Minister’s house and increase his influence, while her real motive was something else.

Pieces like Jaisinghani must end

The question is whether pawns like Jaisinghani will remain in politics as long as leaders and circles continue to use them. It is necessary to remove these seals. There are 8-10 FIR against Ajay Jaisinghani and police in 5 states are looking for him. The mastermind of the fraud has not been caught by the police in the last 8 years. It’s also something of a failure of the department that the people whose place should be in the dungeon roam the halls of power freely. If any politician is using stamps like Jaisinghani then it has become necessary to find out. By the way, in the last decade the type of rivalry in the politics of the country has increased, its effect has been seen in Maharashtra as well. It is necessary to stop this bitterness too. The sweeter the politics of Maharashtra, then only development will be possible, otherwise revenge politics and strategy is not good for anyone.

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