Tremors from this earthquake in Turkey and Syria were felt more than 5,500 km away… in Greenland

Daily digital news desk: At four in the morning the first terrible tremors. The magnitude of the tremor was 7.8 on the Richter scale. Later, one of the aftershocks had a magnitude greater than six. In the afternoon, Turkey is upset again. The southern part of the country was shaken by a new earthquake. This time the magnitude of the tremor was 7.6. In other words, the country had to deal with three major earthquakes in less than 24 hours. Not only Turkey, Syria is also affected by nature. The death toll reached 1900 at the last report. The Geological Survey of Denmark (Denmark) and Greenland (Greenland) said the level of tremors was so great that tremors were also felt in Greenland, 5500 km away.

In the morning, the death tremor lasted about 45 seconds. In the next five hours, the ‘aftershock’ occurs 22 times. In addition to Turkey and Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and parts of Egypt were shaken in the second big impact. Meanwhile, Syria’s National Earthquake Center reported the largest earthquake in their country’s history this morning. Until the latest news, 1,121 people died in Turkey after small houses and high-rise buildings collapsed in three terrible earthquakes. On the other hand, the death toll in Syria is 783. The total number is 1904.

[আরও পড়ুন: রক্ত, মৃত্যু আর কান্নার দেশ তুরস্ক, ভূমিকম্পে মৃত্যুমিছিল সিরিয়াতেও, ভয়াবহ ধ্বংসের ছবি]

Although there were three large tremors, according to local media sources, aftershocks were felt 50 times in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, experts from Denmark and Greenland said the tremor was felt well off Greenland’s east coast. Five minutes after the earthquake in Turkey, it was felt in Greenland, 5,500 km away. Such is the demand of geology experts there.

[আরও পড়ুন: ফের কাঁপল তুরস্ক, ৯ ঘণ্টার ব্যবধানে দ্বিতীয়বার ভূমিকম্প মধ্যপ্রাচ্যের দেশে]

It should be noted that the source was about 18 kilometers underground, 26 kilometers east of the city of Nurdagi, in the eastern part of Gaziantep province. This event brought to the Turks the memory of the terrible earthquake of 1939. 30,000 servicemen died. Although there have been seven earthquakes in Turkey in the last 25 years. But this earthquake is hellish, say the locals. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tweeted: “The earthquake has caused great damage to the country. I sympathize with the countrymen. Disaster management personnel are on alert. There is no failure in the rescue operation.”

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