Tripura Assembly Election 2023 Mamata Banerjee Slams CPIM Congress Alliance BJP

Tripura Assembly Election: Mamta Banerjee’s TMC party is actively campaigning for the Tripura assembly elections. Meanwhile, CM Mamata Banerjee from West Bengal reached Agartala. During this, he claimed that the Congress party would not get the support of the people.

CM Mamata Banerjee said on Tuesday (Feb 7): “People will reject the Congress-ICC(M) alliance in the Tripura assembly elections.” She also took aim at the BJP and said that only the TMC is the only party that can drive the government’s double engine out of power.

‘He will respond before the elections’,
TMC chief Mamata Banerjee claimed that there is a CPM-Congress alliance in Tripura. In Bengal, BJP, CPM and Congress, all three together speak against us, they are not ashamed. The CPM government was in Bengal for years, but what did they do? Congress will stay together for 4 years but will turn around before the elections.

Banerjee said: “This is not the Congress that it was once associated with. Had she been in the previous Congress, she would not have had to leave the party. This Congress is the ‘B’ team of the BJP.

What did you claim?
Addressing a public meeting in Agartala, Mamta Banerjee claimed that the parties were not allowed to hold political meetings in the BJP government in Tripura. Journalists have also lost the right to gather news. He said that TMC workers and activists were killed two years ago. Many of these people were imprisoned for no reason.

The TMC, in its manifesto released for the Tripura elections, promised to create 2 lakh new jobs when the government comes to power, give an allowance of Rs 1,000 a month to unemployed youths, and launch social welfare schemes like in West Bengal. We tell you that the vote for the 60-member state assembly will take place on February 16, while the result will arrive on March 2.

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