Turkey Syria earthquake Almost 24 thousand people have died more than one lakh injured

Relief and rescue work continues in Turkey - India TV Hindi

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Relief and rescue work continues in Turkey

Turkey-Syria earthquake: So far, more than 24 thousand people have died due to the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, while more than one lakh people have been injured and are receiving treatment in hospitals. Antakya in Turkey, Sanliurfa and the city of Aleppo in Syria have been completely ruined by the earthquake. Many countries around the world, including India, are conducting rescue operations in Turkey so that the lives buried under the rubble can somehow be saved.

NDRF rescues eight-year-old girl from rubble

NDRF personnel involved in relief and rescue operations in Turkey safely removed an eight-year-old girl from the rubble of a collapsed building. An NDRF spokesman said the operation was carried out in the town of Nurdagi, in Gaziantep province, together with Turkish army personnel. NDRF personnel safely rescued a six-year-old girl in the same area on Thursday. “Rescuers have so far rescued two people from the rubble and recovered 13 bodies,” the spokesman said. NDRF rescue operations continue in the affected areas of Turkey since February 7.

They rescue six people who were buried for 101 hours

Rescue teams in Turkey’s Iskenderun pulled six people alive on Friday morning after being buried under rubble for 101 hours. At the same time, a teenager who survived by drinking his own urine was also rescued, and a four-year-old boy was also rescued. Murat Begul, a search and rescue worker, said huddled in the small space left inside the collapsed building helped the six men survive. All six people are relatives. The death toll from this earthquake has exceeded the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima, Japan, and the process of removing bodies from the rubble continues, so the death toll is expected to rise further.

married couple pulled from the rubble

A married couple is pulled from the rubble 109 hours after the earthquake in the city of Iskenderun. More incidents of being pulled out of the rubble alive have also come to light. A German rescue team said it managed to pull a woman alive from the rubble of a house in Kirikhan after nearly 50 hours. Two teenage sisters were rescued in Kahramanmaras, the hardest hit by the quake.

Severe winter in the areas affected by the earthquake

Experts say a person can survive in the rubble for a week or more, but the bitter cold makes the chances bleak. Significantly, there is a severe winter in the area and temporary morgues have been set up to store and identify the bodies. In many areas, people are still fighting for tents and food.

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