Turkey-Syria earthquake | Jako Rakhe Saiyan, no one can kill you! A girl was born in the rubble in Syria, after 30 hours she was safely removed by cutting the umbilical cord, all family members died, see video


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New Delhi. While the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria and subsequent ferocious and deadly aftershocks saw more bodies recovered from collapsed buildings, the death toll has surpassed 8,000.

Jako Rakhe Saiyan, no one can kill you

At the same time, even in this terrible calamity, nature is doing her job of ‘life creation’ flawlessly. It is said, ‘Jako Rakhe Saiyan, no one can kill.’ It so happened that during the relief and rescue work, a beautiful girl was born in the rubble in Syria. However, except for the child, all family members died. At the same time, 30 hours after this terrible earthquake, this newborn girl was found in the rubble.

And then a new ‘life’ gained from death

In this regard, Khalil Al Shami, 34, told the New York Times that his brother’s house was also destroyed due to the earthquake in the Syrian city of Jinderes on Monday. The entire building was reduced to a heap of rubble. He was digging through the rubble to find his brother and other family members. That is why during this time he saw a beautiful girl tied to the umbilical cord of her sister-in-law.

He immediately cut the umbilical cord. The girl began to cry. She pulled it out anyway. When the debris from her was completely removed, she found the child’s mother to be dead. The girl is currently in the hospital and is safe. According to Khalil, her sister-in-law was pregnant and she was about to give birth to a boy after one or two days, but due to the shock after the earthquake, she gave birth to a girl from this flower within debris. After approximately 30 hours, this newborn girl was safely removed.

Here, countries from all over the world have sent their teams to Turkey and Syria to assist in rescue and relief operations. Turkey’s disaster management agency said more than 24,400 emergency workers were currently on the scene. At the same time, relief and rescue teams from India have reached Turkey. India’s medical team is also on site.

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