Turkey-Syria earthquake: WhatsApp saved the life of a student who survived the rubble in Turkey, do you know how?

Turkey-Syria Earthquake: The earthquake has caused terrible devastation in Turkey and Syria. In both countries, the death toll from the earthquake has exceeded 35,000. According to the United Nations, this figure may go beyond 50,000. Meanwhile, many of these rescue incidents are coming to light, which is nothing short of a miracle. Hundreds of hours after the quake, people are still being pulled from the rubble. Technology intervenes in one such miracle, where a 20-year-old student from Istanbul and his family members were saved with the help of a WhatsApp status shared by him.

According to Vice, the student, Boran Kubat, was visiting relatives in Malatya when the second earthquake struck on Monday afternoon last week. Malatya, in eastern Turkey, was badly affected by the earthquake and Kubat was trapped under the rubble of an apartment block along with his relatives.

Reports suggest that on Monday of last week, the family re-entered the block after surviving the first quake in the early morning, but the building collapsed in the afternoon after a second magnitude 7.5 quake. Although buried under the rubble, Kubat had his smartphone with him, on which, using the WhatsApp instant messaging app, Kubat shared a video in which he gave his full address and asked people for help.

In the video, he allegedly said in Turkish: “Whoever is looking at this WhatsApp status, please come and help. Everyone please come and save us.”

Thanks to the information he provided, rescuers were able to locate the family, and Kubat, his mother and uncle were rescued from the rubble.

The report further states that after emerging from the rubble, Kubat told a nearby Reuters reporter, (translated) “I had my phone, so I thought if I shared a video on social media, my friends can see it and Can communicate”. for us.”

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