Turkiye Earthquake: India And These Countries Support, Help Offers To Turkiye Syria After Massive Earthquake

Earthquake in Turkey today: There has been great devastation due to the earthquake in Turkey, located in Western Asia. On the morning of January 6, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck 4 countries, including Turkey, after which the ground trembled at night in central Turkey and northwestern Syria. More than 1,000 people died in Turkey alone, while thousands were injured. The number of seriously injured exceeds a thousand and a half.

According to the relief and rescue team, many people are buried under the rubble. In such a situation, the governments and international organizations of many countries have offered help to Turkey. India, the world’s largest democracy, has made preparations to send NDRF teams there.


The Central Government said that 2 NDRF teams are ready to go to Turkey. Which have 100 employees and are equipped with teams and squads of specially trained dogs. Medical teams are being prepared from India and relief supplies have also been delivered.

United Nations

Tedros, head of the UN body World Health Organization (WHO), said a network of emergency medical teams has been activated to provide essential medical care to the most vulnerable and injured affected by the quake.


Polish Minister Mariusz Kaminski said Poland would send a group of 76 firefighters and dog squads to Husar.

European Union

The European Union is preparing to send a 24/7 emergency response team to Turkey. Apart from this, a satellite service has also been activated.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine will cooperate with disaster-stricken Turkey. “We are with the Turkish people at this time and we are ready to provide any necessary assistance,” he said.


The Russian Emergencies Ministry has said that if necessary, 2 IL-76 aircraft with 100 rescuers are ready to fly to Turkey. President Vladimir Putin sent a message to Turkey and Syria, where Russian troops could be deployed in rescue operations with the Syrian army.


Greek Prime Minister Kirikos Mitsotakis offered Turkey support, saying Greece was mobilizing its resources and would help immediately.


Spanish urban rescue teams have been sent to Turkey. The Spanish government said, we will help Turkey in crisis.


The Taiwan Fire Department said it has a team of 130 people, including five sniffer dogs and 13 tons of logistics, ready to travel to Turkey, and is awaiting Turkey’s response to the proposal.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said all authorities were instructed to provide medical and search-and-rescue assistance.

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