Turkiye Earthquake Rescue Operation Pulls Out Six-Year-Old Girl After More Than 150 Hours

Turkey earthquake: After the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the rescue work continues on a war footing. Due to the terrible earthquake, there is a lot of rubble everywhere. People from around 84 countries around the world have come to the earthquake-affected area to carry out rescue work. So far 36 thousand people have died from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

A girl named Mire was rescued alive from the rubble of an apartment block in the southern Turkish city of Adiyaman, a minister and the media said on Monday (February 13). She was buried under rubble for the last 178 hours. Her age was only 6 years old.

evacuation in progress

CNN Turkiye broadcaster said the girl was only 6 years old and rescuers were close to reaching her older sister. However, Turkish Transport Minister Adil Karaismailoglu had previously said that the girl was only four years old. In Turkey and Syria, work continues to evacuate people buried under the rubble. At least 31,643 people have died in Turkey and 4,614 in Syria from the quake.

53 lakh people may become homeless

UN aid chief Martin Griffith said the rescue was nearing completion. Recently, people from Israel, Germany and Austria have left there for security reasons. The United Nations says that after the earthquake, 5.3 million (5.3 million) people in Syria may be left homeless. Around 900,000 people in Turkey and Syria are in dire need of hot food.

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