UK warns Pakistani rhetoric on Kashmir-Khalistan movement is threat to Britain

Muslim threat to Britain: The ongoing Kashmiri raga in Pakistan and the promotion of the Khalistan movement is now becoming a threat to Britain. The UK government report released this week warns against this. It has been said in the report that Pakistan’s rhetoric stirs the sentiments of Britain’s Muslim communities. The report recommends tackling Islamic extremism, describing it as a “main threat.”

The UK government’s counter-terrorism early intervention policy review report has been published. It has been suggested that Pakistan’s anti-Indian rhetoric on Kashmir is affecting British Muslims and radicalizing them.

Warning about Khalistan
Within the same report, there have also been warnings about false statements circulating by a small number of pro-Khalistan groups active in Britain.

In the report, Public Designations Commissioner William Shawcross has said there is evidence of extremist groups in the UK. According to the report, a Pakistani cleric with Britain, who has a following in Britain, is openly calling for violence in Kashmir.

According to the report, there is no reason Islamic groups should not want to take advantage of the growing sentiment of radicalism in the coming years.

What did you say about Khalistan?
On the subject of pro-Khalistan extremism, the report states that there is also a need to be wary of pro-Khalistan extremism emerging in the UK Sikh community. A small number of pro-Khalistan groups active in the UK are spreading a false narrative that the UK government is colluding with the Indian government to persecute Sikhs.

Suella Braverman responded in the Chamber
Britain’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman told the House of Commons on Wednesday that she intends to swiftly implement all of the review’s recommendations in the containment strategy to ensure safety in the UK.

He said: “The truth is that there is nothing anti-Muslim about dealing with Islam. We must continue to work together with Muslim communities if we are to do so effectively.”

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