Umran Malik Tilak controversy Viral video of Umran avoiding Tilak at hotel welcome

Umran Malik Tilak controversy: A video of Team India’s reception at the hotel has gone viral on social media for the past two days. In this video, hotel staff are seen welcoming Indian players by applying Tilak to them. During this time, some players and staff refuse to apply Tilak, Umran Malik is also included in them. Some users are making objectionable comments about Umran Malik through this video. However, now cricket fans have also come out in support of this young player. In response to this video, fans are posting an image on social media showing Umran applying Tilak.

Indian cricket fans have completely silenced the critics through this image. Someone is writing to stop this propaganda and someone has written that this image is for those people who have a stomach ache since yesterday. Some have also written that along with Umran Malik, Vikram Rathore and Hari Prasad Mohan also did not receive the Tilak app but Umran Malik was targeted because he belongs to a particular religion.

By the way, in the viral video it is clearly seen that Mohammad Siraj, Umran Malik, Vikram Rathore and Hari Prasad do not apply Mohan Tilak during reception in a hotel. By sharing this video, users were targeting Umran and Siraj.

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