Unseasonal rain | Due to untimely rain, hail, loss of farmers in Barshitakli tehsil

Due to untimely rain, hail, loss of farmers in Barshitakli tehsil

  • Demand compensation to farmers

AkolaDue to untimely rain and hail in several villages of Patur and Barshitakli tehsils of the district, it has been reported that farmers have suffered a lot.

According to the information received, crops of wheat, gram, moong, jowar, onion, groundnut, orange, sweet lime, lemon, watermelon, melon and papaya have been damaged in the villages of Kothari Khu, Kothari Bu, Ashtul, Pastul, etc. . from Patur tehsil Information received. According to Kothari Khu information. On 82 Hectares, Kothari Bu. In Patur tehsil, 85 hectares, 105 hectares in Astul and 102 hectares in Pastul, in this way the information of crop losses in 374 hectares is coming to light.

Similarly, 154 hectares in Barshitakli tehsil. Crops have been damaged in the area. According to the information, 16.3 mm in Patur tehsil. And 5.8 mm in Barshitakli tehsil. Rain has been recorded. Around 287 farmers have lost their crops in Patur tehsil and 132 farmers have lost their crops in Barshitakli tehsil.

After talking to the farmers about this, they said that due to the drizzle and continuous cloudy weather for the past few days, the crops are also being affected. Due to this, there has been so much hail storm in Patur tehsil that it seems as if the snow has been scattered on the fields. Some farmers’ fields are visible white covered with snow. It should be noted that Kharif’s crops have already been damaged. Now the rabi crops are also getting damaged due to untimely rains and hailstorms.

Started damage study

In Patur and Barshitakli district tehsils, the administration has started inspection of damaged fields of farmers who have suffered losses. According to the information received by the administration, there is no news of loss of cattle. According to the order given by the district administration, the information will be released to the administration after the survey by Tehsildar. After completing all this work, the government must immediately announce compensation for farmers, this demand is made by farmers.

still cloudy weather

In recent days the rainy season has started in the city and district. The sun is definitely out for a while, but the sun is not strong at all. There have also been untimely rains in some areas of the city, so the weather is cold here, and due to untimely rains and hailstorms in some areas of the district, cold winds have started.

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