Unseasonal rain | Keshori’s red chili turned black; Effect of non-seasonal rains, crisis in productive farmers

Keshori's red chili turned black;  Effect of non-seasonal rains, crisis in productive farmers

gondía, Keshori in Arjuni Morgaon tehsil is famous for chilli cultivation not only in the district but all over Maharashtra. Due to the rain and cloudy weather this week, the dried chili crop has suffered extensive damage. Because of this, there has been a crisis in chili growers. Chili-producing farmers are concerned that due to rain on the dry chili crop, the chilis will turn black and not fetch the correct price. There was out of season rain in Keshori area of ​​Arjuni Morgaon tehsil.

The chopped and dried chiles were soaked. Because of this, there is a chance of harm from black pepper. The chili harvest season has been going on for fifteen days. After the chili crop is harvested, it needs to be sun-dried for eight days. This process is currently underway. On the other hand, off-season rains have soaked the dried chiles. Wet chilies are not of good quality and therefore do not fetch a reasonable price.

Government does not announce guaranteed price for chili cultivation. Therefore, the chili crop does not obtain a market price. The government is ignoring this, while the real farmers must receive a guaranteed price for each crop produced. For this reason, water is overturning the hard work of chile-producing farmers.

Sale of chillies to private traders

Chili is produced in large quantities in the Keshori area of ​​Arjuni Morgaon tehsil. The chili here is famous in the state. But because there is no guaranteed price center to buy chiles, farmers have to sell chiles to private traders at low prices. So launching the warranty center will help farmers.

hand farming is going bankrupt

Production cost is less than cultivation cost, farmers are trying to reduce chili cultivation area and produce other crops. Along with this, the unseasonal rains have caused a lot of problems for the farmers as this rain has ruined the chili crop. The farmers are fed up with the crisis, the working class does not understand it, in the face of all these problems, the chili-producing farmers have demanded that the central government announce the guarantee price for the chili product.

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