Unseasonal rain | The clouds rained heavily with strong thunderstorms, lightning and thunder continued to fall.

Out of season rain, Wardha

bandara, The possibility of rain was expressed for two or three days. But on the morning of March 18, Saturday, the rain hit. It had been pouring rain for over an hour, meanwhile, the stormy wind kept blowing, and lightning was also flashing. The clouds also thundered. Due to the rain, water accumulated in many streets of the city. This water remained throughout the day in some places.

In those parts of the city where the ditches scheme work has been started, due to the accumulation of mud in some selected places, there was some traffic problem for some time. It is said that as soon as dawn broke, the effect of the mist was clearly visible. The fog was so thick that drivers had to reach their destination by turning on their headlights. The possibility of affecting the health of ordinary people by bad weather and change is also expressed.

Somewhere the rain is ineffective and somewhere it rains a lot

According to the information received, the maximum rainfall in the district was 34.50 mm in Bela. Apart from this, Shahapur 34, Andhalgaon 30, Tumsar 24, Mitewani 23.50, Kanhalgaon 20.50, Bhandara 20.30, Akodi 19.50, Lakhni 18, Varathi 17.30, Khamari 16, Garra 14.80, Mohadi 12.80, Sakoli 10.50, Dhargaon has recorded 8.50, Kandri 8.30, Kardi 8mm of rain No sign of rain in many revenue circles of the same district.

image changing every moment

According to the Meteorology Department, an orange alert was issued in the district on March 16. That same day, a yellow alert was declared in the district from March 17 to 20. No rain effect was observed in Orange Alert. The effect of rain, lightning and thunder was definitely seen in today’s yellow alert. According to information from the district administration released on March 18, from March 19 to 22 everything will be green, green, fresh.

Power supply interrupted for two or three hours

When it rained with thunder and lightning in Bhandara in the morning, suddenly the power supply was cut off. Power supply could be restored to Bhandara after about two and a half to three hours. There is also information about the interruption of the power supply in some other places in the district.

Some crops may be damaged

There is a potential for damage to the harvestable wheat crop from this rain and severe thunderstorms. Damage to the chickpea crop is also possible. This time there is the possibility of great damage to the mango crop. The rain is not likely to significantly damage the rice crop.

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