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luck now: The Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh (Yogi Government) is progressing on the rapid path of development, it is also receiving full support from the Central Government. The twin engine government is engaged in improving the connectivity of Uttar Pradesh and under this effort, this time in the rail budget, Uttar Pradesh received 16 times more budget as compared to 2009-14.

Between 2009 and 2014, while UP’s share of the railway budget was only Rs 1,109 crore, the Modi government has given Uttar Pradesh a 16 times larger budget i.e. Rs 17,507 crore in 2022 alone. -2. 3. Notably, this time the central government has announced the highest budget of Rs 2.4 lakh crore for the railways. According to the Ministry of Railways, this budget is 9 times more than the 2013-14 budget.

UP will connect with many states through a new line

The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is working fast in the direction of infrastructure and connectivity. At present, a 7,143 km long new line is being worked on in the state in 83 projects, spending around Rs 94,000 crore. Whereas, 3,831 km. 55 surveys will be carried out for the long railway line. On the other hand, the projects related to the new line to connect Uttar Pradesh with other states include Lalitpur-Satna, Rewa-Singrauli and Mahoba-Khajuraho which will spend Rs 700 crore. Similarly, Rs 390 crore will be spent on the Bahraich-Shrawasti and Balrampur-Tulsipur line. Rs 284 crore for a new line for Energy Corridor in 2023-24, Rs 284 crore for Tribal Gaurav Corridor (Umbrella 23-24), Rs 205 crore for Sahjanwa-Dohrighat, Rs 200 crore for Deoband (Muzaffarnagar)- Roorkee, Mau- Rs 150 crores will be spent for Ghazipur-Tarighat, Rs 20 crores for Umbrella Project, Rs 20 crores for Anandnagar-Ghugli, Rs 10 crores for Padrauna-Kushinagar via Gorakhpur and Rs 30 crores for Meerut-Panipat.

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There will be convergence of gauge between many stations

There is also a lot of work going on in the state regarding gauge convergence. Through this, small lines have become big lines. In these, Rs 100 crores on the Mathura-Vrindavan line, Rs 100 crores at Lucknow-Pilibhit via Sitapur, Rs 100 crores at Lakhimpur, Rs 50 crores on the Bahraich-Mailani, Indara-Dohrighat 35 bypass crores, Pilibhit-Shahjahanpur 3 crores and on the Kanpur-Kasganj-Mathura line 50 lakhs will be spent.

There has been a big change in UP connectivity

The state has done a lot of work in the field of fast connectivity in recent times. Before 2017, there were two airports in the state, today nine airports have become functional and 10 are under work. On the other hand, for better connectivity, there is Purvanchal Expressway in Eastern UP and Bundelkhand Expressway in Bundelkhand. Ganga Expressway is being built to connect the east and west of Uttar Pradesh. Yamuna and Agra Expressway are there to connect UP to the national capital. There is four-lane highway connectivity with the border states of UP and Nepal, while all districts of the state are connected to Lucknow by four-lane highway. There are subways in five cities and the fast train has also recently been tested. The problem of Mediterraneanism in the UP has also ended. The country’s first waterway has started here from Varanasi to Haldia.

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