UPGIS-2023 | Union Bank of India launched Voice Banking

union bank of india upgis2023

luck now: Managing Director & CEO of Union Bank of India A. Manimekhalai launched ‘Yuva’ voice banking solution at Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit-2023 event held in Lucknow. Union Bank Voice Assistant (YUVA) is an innovative way for customers to access banking services through voice commands. It is now available through Alexa and can be used 24/7 to check your balance and transaction history.

‘Yuva’ services are currently available in English on Alexa channel and will be available in most Indian languages ​​on various channels like Google Assistant, website, WhatsApp and mobile banking. “YUVA” also has the unique feature of informing the bank customers about the latest schemes and offers launched by the bank. Customers can currently access “Yuva” services by activating the Union Bank of India “Yuva” skill in their Amazon Alexa account. More banking services like checkbook request, check status, expired locker rental, debit card blocking, debit card unlocking, and credit card overdue bills will be launched soon for customers through “YUVA”.

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Voice banking solution will provide great convenience

A. Manimekhalai said that it has always been our endeavor to provide better digital facilities to our customers. Our existing WhatsApp Banking (UVConn) already gives millions of customers the ability to bank digitally from a remote location without visiting a bank branch. Now our voice banking solution will offer maximum convenience, allowing our customers to have a fast and personalized banking experience when and where they need it.

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