Valentine’s Day sweethearts are being hired on these apps and they know what the terms and conditions and charges are. Boyfriends are being hired on these apps, know what the terms and conditions are and how much it costs

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Valentine’s Day: This ‘Hafta Mohabbat Wala’ line is special for all lovers on Valentine’s Day i.e. ‘Prem Chaturdashi’. If there is someone who has not found her love yet, then he should not be disappointed. Especially those girls who are looking for a partner to overcome their loneliness. She wants me to go out with someone on this Valentine’s Day, have fun and at night say I love you once or twice and say Tata. Once you think about it, it seems a bit difficult, because in India, love, marriage, getting together with someone, all these things are considered sacred, but the changing times have turned everything upside down. Today’s weather has become such that in the morning ‘God is visible in you…’ and in the evening ‘Hum aapke hain koun?’ The scene continues. We are not counting all these things but some apps. On those apps, girls can rent boyfriends. Let’s get complete information about it.

boyfriend booking for rent

These things are very common in foreign countries, where a girl books a boyfriend for rent. However, many times a lot of money is needed for that. This trend is a bit new in India. Such news made headlines in the country when in 2018 ‘Rent a Boy | An application called Friend’ (RABF) was launched. The job of this app is to book boyfriends for girls. Due to Corona, the business of this app stopped for a few days, but then it is picking up. It has been downloaded more than 1 lakh times on Playstore. There are many other such apps like Aisle-Dating App for Indians, The Better Date and ToyBoy.

boyfriend charges by the hour

In this application you will find profiles ranging from celebrities to ordinary guys and models. The company has set different charges for everyone. If a girl wants to date a celebrity, she may have to pay up to 3,000 rupees for an hour, while a model costs 2,000 rupees and a normal guy 400 rupees. When you read about these apps, you’ve been told that if someone hires a boyfriend, then she can’t have a physical relationship with him, nor can he be taken to a private place. RABF founder Kushal Prakash said in a media interview that the ‘Rent a Girlfriend’ concept is not suitable for India. So he created an app for ‘Rent a boyfriend’. He says that the purpose of this app is to free girls from loneliness. Let me tell you that kids also have to pay some money to sign up for this app.

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