Vastu-Astrology | The future of today, Sunday March 19, 2023

today’s future- Sunday 19 March 2023
Fruit of the child born today

The boy born today will be healthy, handsome, sociable, if Sagittarius is there, he will be handsome and sweet in personality, he will lack intelligence, he will do any work with understanding and discretion, he will be fair and devoted to his parents.
Sheep- Interest in risky activities will increase, debt problems may arise due to presuming, avoid conflicts with the opposite class, it will be beneficial to work taking care of your health.
Taurus- The company of experienced people will help to give a new career direction, there will be enthusiasm for work, there will be family happiness and peace, the desired tasks will be achieved.
Gemini- There will be cooperation of friends to recover the stuck money, there will be a program to get out, there will be mental instability, there will be difficulties in daily work.
Cancer- The complications of work will gradually disappear, there will be interest in religious works, there will be joy and mental satisfaction, one will work according to one’s desire.
Lion- There may be differences with colleagues regarding work, disputes with officials should be avoided, there will be happiness with respect, new expenses will appear.
Virgo- Work stopped due to lack of money can start again, expenses will have to be arranged due to the accidental arrival of guests, more hard work and running will have to be done.
Pound- If you rely on luck, then a good chance will slip out of your hands, there will be difficulties at work, you will experience problems while traveling, caution is desirable.
Scorpion The family will support you in stressful situations, health will be smooth and warm, you will be busy in the business routine, you will feel sad that you did not finish work on time.
Sagittarius There will be difficulty in completing personal tasks, new responsibilities will have to be handled, important tasks will be accomplished through valiant efforts, mental happiness will be satisfied.
Capricorn- It will be difficult to adapt to the changed environment, there is a chance to spend on luxuries, there will be success on the side of the enemy, peace of mind will remain.
Kumbh- Leave the dilemma and get involved in work, you will get success, stay away from risky jobs, there will be accumulation of luxury items, you will get happiness and opulence.
Pisces- Lucky opportunities may come hand in hand, there will be mental anguish due to the child’s side, there will be success in writing, studies, political affiliation will remain.

business future
Due to the effect of Dhanishtha Nakshatra on Chaitra Krishna Trayodashi, there will be a boom in Arhar, Moong, Moth, Barley, Urad, there will be equality in cottonseed, ghee, oil, there is a possibility of recession in cotton and cotton. The lucky number is 3975.

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