Vastu-Astrology | Today’s predictions Wednesday March 22, 2023

today’s future-Wednesday 22 March 2023
Fruit of the child born today

The child that will be born today will be beautiful, happy, soft-bodied and emotional. He will work according to his desire. It will soon draw others to it. He will be fond of traveling etc.
Sheep- You will get the company of your loved ones. There will be opportunities for new success. There will be progress in business. Vigilance is desirable in buying and selling work. Child will be the sum of happiness.
Taurus- Many sudden tensions will dominate the mind. Discard pessimistic controversies. There will be spending on religious works. There will be favorable success in economic works.
Gemini- Be optimistic. Forget the emotional problems in delicate relationships and make the present better. You will get success in work and political work. Satisfaction will remain in the mind.
Cancer- The mind will be focused towards the new ideas of Dhanagam, there will be difference of opinion with a colleague in the work area. Any problem will be solved.
Lion- You will get the affectionate support of the life partner. Leave the laziness Be careful in actions. There may be tension in the mind. Economic concern may remain.
Virgo- Control your mind. Focus on your homework. Believing too much will be harmful. There may be a dispute with a person. The effort will continue.
Pound- The mind will be focused towards a new relationship. Be a little restrained and patient. Be careful in the matter of relatives. Let the dispute situation not come.
Scorpion Efforts will be intense for the purchase of any real estate, there will be social commitment. Courage and bravery will increase. You will get fame. The job will be completed.
Sagittarius Efforts will be intense to fulfill important responsibilities. There may be differences with parents. Be careful when working with vehicle machinery, etc. You can become a mediator because of others.
Capricorn- You will make the most of your potential in the workplace. Family work will be done. The differences will increase in the family. Others can cause problems.
Kumbh- In relationships, your mind will be focused on emotional supply. You will have to try harder on some job. Work looking at the time. Friendship will be useful.
Pisces- Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision. The administrative hustle will increase. The mind will be happy. Try to grow the business. It is beneficial to avoid unnecessary disputes.

business future
Jaggery, flaxseed, mustard, castor, cottonseed, peanut, ghee, oil, will have a fast trend due to the effect of Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. There will be a boom in items made of cotton, cotton. The lucky number is 7579.

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