Vastu-Astrology | Weekly Horoscope, March 2023

Weekly Horoscope.
Date: 26 Mar to 01 Apr 2023 Astrologer Pt. Narayanshankarnathuram Vyas,
Kotwali Bazaar, Jabalpur (1/4)DM0P;1/2)
Month number 098266-21998
Weekly planetary position: –
This week Sun in Pisces, Mars in Gemini, Mercury in Pisces. Starting at 1:34 am on the 30th, Jupiter will transit in Aries, Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius, Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra, and the Moon in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.

Effects of Planetary Yogas: –
On the 26th, Adra Nakshatra Mars will accelerate well in all markets, this acceleration will be moderately good until March 30 and 31, until the end of March, mustard, castor, peanut, cotton, wheat, barley, ghee, gram, oil of sesame, rice, gold, silver, etc., metal, brown sugar, all businesses There will be an atmosphere of speed in things. In early April Mercury will enter Ashwani Nakshatra Aries and Rahu will combine with Venus, right now Saturn has its third aspect, these days there will be a sudden downturn even if the markets are expected to grow so traders should trade . There will be clouds everywhere and the outbreak of heat will also increase.
Sunday, March 26 – Shri Panchami, Shri Ram Rajya Mahotsav,
Monday March 27 – Surya Shashthi, Skandha Shashthi, Ashoka Shashthi,
Tuesday March 28 – Mahanisha Puja,
Wednesday March 29 – Shri Durgashtami Vrat, Mahashtami, Ashokashtami,
Thursday March 30: Shri Ram Navami, Shri Durga Navami, Jaware Visarjan,
Saturday April 1: Kamda Ekadashi Fast, Lord Vishnu Dolotsav.
Sheep- This week, you will get the real joy of success, you will get success in realizing the plan you have been trying for a long time, you will be seen soaring in the sky of success with social brilliance, you may have a chance to change your job You can go to relatives under the pretext of wandering, but it can have the opposite effect, there is a chance of progress.
Taurus- This week your full attention will be on your career and future plans, there will be cooperation from everyone to complete new plans, people will be able to explain their point of view, you will be successful in facing difficulties, new beginnings in the workplace. You will experience, because of the bustle it will be difficult to give time to the family.
Gemini- This week you will get rid of Pukanya’s problems, you will increase your participation in social and family programs, the parties will continue, you will try to expand your reach. You will feel like working and having fun, matters related to the property will be resolved. At the end of the week, work with caution from your opponents, you will get success in hard work.
Cancer- There is a chance of success this week, you will get the benefit of the new hard work so far, you will be able to rebuild your relationships in family and social life, you can be absent from home for a few days for mental satisfaction, family You will invest for security. Increase interaction with officers in the workplace. It may be beneficial for you.
Lion- There is a good chance of success this week, due to favorable luck, difficult tasks will also be easily completed, all the hard work you have put in to reach your destination will be benefited, wealth will be spent on luxuries, the people who consider useless, they will also appreciate your ability, there may be some delay in government affairs, the matter of the deal will be resolved.
Virgo- Economic issues will have to be dealt with this week. In order to get rid of old debts, you will need to proceed in a planned manner, you will take an active part in family planning, there may be concerns about the children’s career, you will get rid of mental stress, who are you trusting. you.
Pound- New contacts and new people will be beneficial this week, you will not focus only on profit, but try to build relationships, due to improvement in economic situation, pay attention to others’ work, travel for some work will be beneficial. You will have the opportunity to change your attachment and attitude, you will succeed in personal life for harmony at work.
Scorpion This week will bring progress and success for you, the path will be paved to fulfill the dreams you are dreaming of, your stress may increase due to responsibility rather than your seniority and ability, you will succeed in making yourself an important place in society, it will give happiness to the mind helping, there will be an atmosphere of uncertainty in the workplace, relationships will have to be revisited, and the difference between friend and foe will have to be recognized.
Sagittarius This week you will have a lot of time to focus on personal relationships, there will be a phase of meeting old friends, you will execute any plan in such a way that people praise you, there will be overwork, you will have to find new sources of income, you can make a travel program, caring for the dignity of others, you can worry about the health of an elderly person.
Capricorn- This week you will have the opportunity to focus on your interests and happiness. Depending on what you want, your work will evolve, luck will help you, courage and faith will increase. You will get better offers in your career than before, your interest in spiritual and religious works will increase, you will reach the heights of progress, but you will also give all importance to personal relationships. New plans will be considered.
Kumbh- This week, due to your efforts and hard work, you will get good success, your original thinking will help you move forward, you will get continuous success in the field of work, you will experience happiness in family and personal life, all of that. who are creating obstacles in their work, they will cooperate, they will earn profit by working hard, the opinion of the elders is necessary for the right investment.
Pisces- This week, there will be great spending on family comforts, there will be happiness in spending time with the one you love, there will be happiness in family festivals, chances of success in higher studies, job seekers. You will also succeed, opponents will keep an eye on your activities, be careful in your work, you will get success by completing your scattered tasks.

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