Verka milk price in Punjab today after Mother Dairy Amul Now Verka has also increased milk price

Punjab News: Now again milk prices have increased. Earlier the Amul company increased its milk prices, now the popular Verka brand from Haryana and Punjab also increased its milk prices. Verka has increased the price of milk by 3 rupees per litre. Verka has made a big increase in her milk prices to Rs 60 per liter of whole milk. The price of toned milk has been increased to Rs.51 per litre. The price of the same standard milk has been increased to Rs 57 per litre. These Verka milk price increases have come into effect since this morning.

Amul had also increased the price of milk
Before Verka, Amul had also raised milk prices. In Amul Gold milk, Rs 3 was increased in a liter of milk. Previously, Amul Gold milk, which used to cost Rs 63 per litre, has been increased to Rs 66 per litre. Similarly, the price of buffalo milk was increased by Rs 5 per litre, from Rs 65 to Rs 70 per litre. Apart from this, the prices of Amul curd and other by-products were also increased. Amul had implemented its new increased prices since February 3.

Mother Dairy had also increased the price of milk
Like Verka and Amul, Mother Dairy also raised its milk prices by Rs 2 per litre. This increase was made in buffalo milk, but there was no increase in cow’s milk prices. Also, there were no changes to the prices of tokenized milk.

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