Video calling company Zoom laid off 1,300 employees in one fell swoop

The communication technology firm Zoom has also joined the list of companies that have announced massive layoffs in recent weeks. Zoom has announced that it will reduce its workforce by 15%. In this sense, the issue of sending information to employees by email has also come to the fore. The Zoom name has also been added to the reduction companies along with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has announced via a blog post that the company will reduce the number of employees on its staff. According to the ANI report, the company announced the reduction of 1,300 company employees, which represents 15% of its workforce. Interestingly, the company sent information about this to employees in the US region via email. While for employees from regions other than the US, the decision will be made based on local requirements.

CEO Yuan said, “If you are an employee living in the US, you will receive a message about it in the next 30 minutes in Zoom email and personal inbox.” The company also reported that full-time Zoom employees will receive up to 16 weeks of salary coverage, health coverage, bonus for fiscal 2023 based on performance.

After the Corona epidemic, technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft have announced layoffs in large numbers. The latest named zoom is added to this list. Recently, Dell, a company that makes computing devices, also announced the layoff of 6.5 thousand employees. During the Corona epidemic, employees of a large number of companies moved to work from home. After which the demand for technological devices increased and companies hired additional employees. Now that the corona epidemic has ended in countries, the demand for technology products has also decreased, so the burden of employees has increased in companies. And this is also a big reason why now these employees are being cut from companies.

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