Vikram Kale won | Vikram Kale of Mahavikas Aghadi won in Aurangabad Teachers constituency election

Vikram Kale of Mahavikas Aghadi won in Aurangabad Teachers constituency election

Aurangabad: Vote counting for the Aurangabad teachers constituency started in the morning. After gaining an advantage of more than 7 thousand votes in the 8 rounds of the first choice, Mahavikas Aghadi’s candidate Vikram Kale has won in the second choice vote count. Even before his victory was announced, Mahavikas Aghadi workers cheered loudly outside the counting center.

Vikram Kale has captured the Aurangabad teachers constituency for the fourth time. By the way, Vikram Kale would have won the first choice vote. However, Vikram Kale failed to win the first choice vote as the Marathwada Teachers Association candidate Suryakant Vishwasrao garnered over 13,000 votes in the first choice vote. Due to which the second choice votes were counted. After eight rounds of second-election, Mahavikas Aghadi’s Vikram Kale emerged victorious by garnering 20,79 votes. In the first-choice round, Vikram Kale scored 20,331, Marathwada Shikshak Sangh’s Suryakant Vishwasrao 13,676 and BJP’s Pvt. Kiran Jagtap got 13,616 votes. The situation remained almost the same in the second choice vote. In the second choice vote, Vikram Kale got 20,79, Suryakant Vishwasrao got 13,543 and BJP’s Pvt. Kiran Jagtap got 13,490 votes.

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The main contest in this election was between Vikram Kale of Mahavikas Aghadi and Pvt. Kiran Patil was expected to be among the Narayanrao. However, Suryakant Vishwasrao, who recently became president of the Marathwada Teachers Association, entered the fray. He showed his courage by getting more votes than the BJP’s Kiran Patil. It’s a different matter that they couldn’t win the game. However, Suryakant Vishwas Rao is second in first and second choices, while BJP’s Kiran Patil is third. Here thousands of votes have been lost in the vote count. Surprise is expressed at the number of votes of educated people that number in the thousands.

Teachers were forced to vote: Suryakant

On NCP’s Vikram Kale winning for the fourth time in the Aurangabad teachers’ constituency, Marathwada Teachers’ Association candidate Suryakant Vishwasrao alleged that ruling MLA Vikram Kale got votes in his favor by lobbying organizers. In many places, the organizers also pressured teachers to vote for Vikram Kale. Whereupon Vikram Kale was accused by Suryakant Vishwasrao, the Marathwada Teachers Union candidate, of capturing the Aurangabad teachers’ constituency for the fourth time.

It will work by taking everyone: Vikram Kale

On the other hand, Mahavikas Aghadi’s Vikram Kale, who captured the Aurangabad teachers’ constituency for the fourth time, categorically rejected the accusations of his rival Suryakant Vishwasrao, saying that he raises his voice on questions from teachers every day. They may live today, but from tomorrow they will start working to solve the problems of the teachers. He said that I will try to live up to the confidence shown by the teachers of this division in me for the fourth time. Vikram Kale said that even though he is the MLA of NCP, he will work taking everyone while he works after the victory. Kale said that he always maintained a positive attitude, which is why he has reached the Legislative Council for the fourth time. In the next term, I will work by keeping this Bidra prayer in front of me: Master is my caste, Master is my religion, Master is my party. He said that he will make efforts to give 100 percent grant to all teachers, to get top university status, to give grant to Kendriya Ashram school, to give old pension to teachers and employees.

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