Watch an American Weather Reporter Stroke and Collapse During a Live Broadcast Video Goes Viral

News from America: In the United States, a presenter suffered a stroke during the live broadcast. The woman was giving weather updates, while she was talking she lost consciousness and fell there. This incident was clearly seen by viewers of the news channel while the show was being broadcast live.

Video of the US ‘weather woman’ having a stroke has now gone viral on social media. You can also see what happened to it. ‘Weatherwoman’ name is Alyssa Carlson Schwartz, she does a weather show for CBS News Channel. It was here that she faced a medical emergency during the live broadcast as she was presenting the 7 am report for the news channel. At the time, newscasters Nickel Medina and Rachel Kim were also providing information to the audience.

Deteriorated health in live show
The incident with Schwartz was broadcast live on the TV channel, his health is said to have deteriorated earlier during the show. However, the show’s hosts were initially unaware of the fact that she Schwartz was going through some medical condition, as she could be seen rolling her eyes. When Schwartz fell, the anchors with him realized what had happened. Then, before taking a break, she went directly to her aid.

According to a report, this is not the first time that Schwartz has suffered from an illness during a live broadcast. According to the outlet, in 2014, he vomited on set during a weather report, which led to him being admitted to repair a leaky heart valve.

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