Watch the video of the bus sliding down Canada Street and crashing into vehicles that goes viral on social media

Bus sliding down the icy street: Amid inclement weather in Canada, a video of a bus skidding off the road and hitting multiple vehicles is going viral on social media. This incident occurred in Coquitlam, Canada.

In the video, a public transport bus in Canada can be seen skidding down a snow-covered road and plowing into cars at an intersection. In the video it can be seen that the tires of the bus are losing grip on the road since the bus was turning to the right, when the bus loses control the sound of its horn is heard when it turns to the side.

Bus skids on icy road in Canada

The sound of the bus sliding is loudly heard in the video. Also, when slipping, the bus hit the vehicle that was coming from the front. However, a few other vehicles narrowly escaped.

According to the Vancouver City News, after crashing into the car, the bus driver tried his best to control the bus and so the bus continued on its way. The good thing is that no one was hurt in this incident.

Video viewed more than 1 million times

A Twitter user, Amber D’Amico, shared the video of the incident, which has been viewed more than a million times. She wrote in the caption accompanying the video: “What went wrong in Coquitlam this morning?”

In the comments section of his tweet, many criticized the bus company for not using non-slip tires.

One user wrote: “Was there two inches of snow? Any Canadian who can’t drive here should lose their license.” Another user commented: “The driver of this bus to Fishtailin like this on the street corner should be fired!”

A third user commented: “The cars are stuck in front of the bus on the same side of the road, what is the driver doing trying to maneuver them in the middle of the road?”

A fourth wrote: “Oh that’s terrible. It pains me to hear the bus skid like that. The first two vehicles that could have hit the bus got away.”

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