The Santa Clause movie review


At the beginning of the film, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen from the TV show "Home Improvement") is a man who does not believe in Santa Claus.

But then, there's a noise on the roof that Scott and his son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd), rush out into the yard to see what's going on.

And what will appear before your astonished eyes, but a great big sleigh and eight giant deer, above the house.

And then when Scott's scream startles Santa, he loses his balance and falls from the roof to his death.

Afterwards, Scott finds a card in his pocket that informs the bearer that he is the new Santa Claus.

Before Scott realizes what has happened, the old Santa Claus has disappeared and the suit is later going down the chimney.

The premise of "The Santa Claus," written by Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick and directed by John Pasquin, is clever, and the film is not without its original charms.

His first gives us a stepfather who isn't a monster: Scott and his wife Laura (Wendy Krewson) are divorced, and Laura's new husband Neil (Judge Reinhold) is a psychiatrist who takes a dubious stance on Santa's reality, but is otherwise a nice guy.