White Christmas Reviews


When the Haynes sisters, Betty and Judy, are threatened by their landlord, Phil gives her and Bob train tickets to New York and helps them get out of the club.

This is the main event that concludes Act One.

We have a long pause before Act Two opens the door with the first plot point: When Bob finds out what Phil has done, he decides to be nice and finally agrees to go to Vermont, where the sisters are going.

Going to be performed at a ski lodge during Christmas.

After Phil and Judy convince Betty to meet Bob in the lobby for the night, Betty decides that Bob is her knight in shining armor.

They kiss, transforming their relationship into something more defined and active.

The subplot's midpoint comes the next day when Bob learns that General Waverly has turned down his desire to return to active duty in the Army.

He decides to reunite the old division to remind the General how much he loves him.

After Phil and Judy announce their engagement at the cast party, Betty gets a job in New York and leaves.

It's a classic low point for a love story: the (apparent) death of the relationship.

Christmas Eve arrives, the night of the ceremony, and Betty returns (having seen Bob's heartfelt tribute to the General on TV).

The philosophy, and the romantic finale, is what the whole story is built towards.