What Are The Size Of A 32 Inch TV?

One of the most popular sizes of TVs for apartments, bedrooms, RVs and other spaces is the 32-inch.

If you’re looking to buy a 32-inch TV, it’s important to know its dimensions ahead of time to make sure it will fit in your desired space.

It’s a common misconception that all 32-inch TVs are the same size.

This is not the case, as these can all vary depending on the model and brand you choose.

Also, the screen size will be smaller than the actual size of the TV including the frame.

See the information below for the actual dimensions of a 32-inch TV.

What Are The Size Of A 32 Inch TV?

What are the size of a 32 inch TV?

To determine the actual size of a TV, you need to consider width, height and depth.

The width of the TV is measured from one side or from one edge to the other.

Height is measured from top to bottom and depth is the actual thickness of the TV from front to back.

You will find that the new modern style flat panel TVs are much thinner than before.

It is common for a 32-inch TV to be only 2-3 inches thick without a stand.

The average dimensions of a 32-inch TV are 29 inches wide, 17 inches tall and 3 inches thick. This measurement is without support. If you include the stand, the TV’s depth increases to about 8 inches. But these numbers may vary slightly.

This television measures 28.47″ W x 6.07″ D x 18.80″ H with the stand and 28.47″ W x 1.17″ D x 16.75″ H without the base. The TV itself is only 1.17″ thick.

Although the TV is only 28.47 inches wide, it is considered a 32-inch TV due to its screen size.

The 32-inch measurement is taken diagonally from each corner. This is the screen size.

If you need to know the dimensions in centimeters, they are 72.31 width x 15.41 depth x 47.75 height with support and 72.31 width x 2.97 depth x 42.54 without support.

Will a 32 inch TV fit in my car?

One advantage of buying a 32-inch television is that it will fit easily in most cars. If the TV is new in the box, it should still fit.

It likely won’t fit in a small compact car, but if you own a sedan or SUV, you’ll have no problem loading it in the back seat or through the hatch.

Being able to install a 32-inch TV in your car is not only convenient, but it will also save you money on shipping costs or car rentals.

Best room size for a 32-inch TV

Once you’ve decided on a spot for your new TV, you’ll have the option of mounting it on the wall or placing it on a stand.

Another advantage of a 32-inch TV over larger TVs is that you’ll have more options when it comes to placement.

You can fit a 32-inch TV in a smaller space than a 65-inch TV or 75-inch TV, which is considerably larger.

32-inch TVs are common in bedrooms, dens, and small living rooms.

A general rule of thumb is to plan to sit a certain distance from the TV based on your size.

This is known as the viewing distance.

On average, your TV should sit at a distance of 3 times the vertical size of the screen.

For example, the typical viewing distance for a 32-inch TV is about 4 feet.

3 x 16.75 inches = 50.25 inches, which is a little over 4 feet.

As long as you can comfortably sit within 4 feet of a 32-inch TV, you don’t need a large room.

What additional factors should I consider?

There are many factors to consider when buying a new TV, including viewing area, angular resolution, room size and price. To determine which TV is best for you, you may need to decide which aspects are most important to you. For example, if you’re budget conscious, you might want a less expensive TV than if you’re more concerned about field of view or angular resolution.

Considering the Field of View

Field of view refers to what you can see. In order for a television program to appear as intended, you will probably need to consider how far you are sitting from the television and how much of your view the television needs to occupy. The recommended amount of your field of view for mixed-use viewing is 30°, while 40° is recommended for cinema.

In terms of distance, some recommend sitting 4.5 feet from a 32″ TV for mixed media. Most people who watch TV at home want to follow the recommended mixed media distance. Once you’ve got the right sitting distance, how to improve your TV signal and your Find out how to enjoy watching favorite TV shows

Considering the viewing angle

Ideally, a television’s viewing angle would be direct. However, when there are more people around, people watch TV from different angles. If you get a TV with certain features, the TV can look more consistent from these different angles. In-plane switching (IPS) panels of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with light-emitting diode (LED) backlights have more versatility in viewing angles than vertically aligned (VA) panels.

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TVs also have more versatility in viewing angles than IPS or VA LCD TVs. However, OLED screens are hard to come by in 32-inch TVs. OLED TVs are also more expensive because the materials are not easily visible. As OLED screens become more common, this price difference may decrease.

Consider the size of your room

When choosing a TV, one of the things to consider is the size of the room in which you will place the TV. Many consider 32-inch TVs to be in the “small” category. This category includes televisions from 24″ to 32″, with the 32″ being one of the largest. However, many people find this size TV suitable for bedrooms, guest rooms, and kitchens. In fact, with smaller living spaces, people in Europe are more likely than the US to People are more likely to go for a 32-inch TV for their primary TV.

If 32-inch sounds like a good size for your area, you can check out the TCL 32S327 for a great review of this smart TV. Find out how big a 24-inch TV you can get. Check it out and see if it suits your needs. Also, you can read about our comparison of the differences between 24-inch and 32-inch TVs.

Considering the price of the TV

Price can also be an essential factor when considering buying a television. Many 32-inch TVs cost less than larger TVs, which means they can be cheaper. However, some features including smart TV functionality and high resolution make the TV more expensive. While you may have a hard time finding a 32” TV with 4K resolution, many of these TVs can get away with lower resolutions due to their size.

Additionally, some features like quantum dot light-emitting diode (QLED) TVs can also help increase the TV’s resolution. As mentioned above, OLED TVs will also increase image resolution, but they also come at a higher price.

Frequently asked questions.

Is a 32-inch TV a good size for a bedroom?

Many people find a 32 inch TV to be a good size for a bedroom, kitchen or guest room.

How far should you sit from the 32 inch TV?

The recommended sitting distance from a 32-inch television is about 4.5 feet.

How wide is a 32 inch Samsung TV?

For a TV with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, the screen is about 27.9” wide.

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