What is cache and cookies and why is it important for smartphones and laptops? Know what cache and cookies are, what is their function in the smartphone, why it is necessary to delete them

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Photo: File photo Both cache and cookies have an important role in phones and laptops.

Cache Memory and Cookies: If you use a smartphone, laptop, then you must have heard the name of Cache and Cookies at one time or another. Whenever we are going to buy a smartphone or laptop, we pay more attention only to RAM or internal memory and completely ignore cache, but do you know that cache plays an important role in the performance of a phone and a computer? very important for computer and if the cache is reduced it will slow down your electronic device.

Like the cache, cookies are also an essential part of the Internet. Let us tell you what cache and cookies are and why they should be cleared.

role of cache

The cache is only a part of the memory of our smartphone or laptop. This memory contains information about the websites we have visited. The information of photos, text and videos, etc. of the website we visit is stored in this memory. This happens because if we go to that website again, then that page can be opened faster.

This is the job of cookies.

On the other hand, if we talk about cookies, then this is the part where user data is remembered. That is, what password are you using, what is your user ID, what kind of content do you search for the most or if you don’t have to log into any website again and again, then this memory also remembers the login credentials. Every time we receive a cookie notification and accept it, our preferences system is aware of it and can consequently see ads etc.

Due to full memory, this effect falls on the device.

Whenever we buy a new smartphone or laptop, we should pay attention to the cache. The more cache memory a smartphone has, the faster it will work. If the cache is full, it should be deleted or cleaned from time to time. If we do not clean it, then our device may become slow. Apart from this, if you do not clean the cache for a long time, then hackers can also install malware on your system.

Clear said cache on the smartphone

If you want to clear the cache or cookies of your smartphone, you need to go to the settings. Here you will get the privacy and security option. In this you will get the option to clear Cache and Cookies. You can also view the file size in cookies and cache before deletion to see how much space it takes up on your device.

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