What is winter like on Mars see Nasa JPL Video

Mars means a lot to the American space agency NASA. NASA is exploring the possibilities of life on Mars through its missions. Mars is much colder and harder than Earth. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has tried to explain in its new video how ice and cold appear on Mars. The NASA video is interesting. It has been prepared through animation.

JPL Mars scientist Sylvain Piceux says in this video that you see water ice on Earth, but his style is slightly different on Mars. When NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander explored the Martian arctic floor in 2008, it found water ice below the surface. That is, the ice that is on the surface of the Earth is below the surface of Mars.

In the video, Pickaxe explains that perhaps future astronauts can use this ice to land on Mars. In addition, Mars also has dry ice, which is a solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2). The special thing is that this solid ice present in the form of CO2 turns into a gas. In addition to ice, many of these objects are also visible on Mars, which are similar to fans, geysers, spiders, etc. These are all structures present on Mars and they look beautiful.

The video suggests that ice crystals are also falling on Mars. It was detected only by the Phoenix Mars Lander. The lander had beamed a laser light into the Martian sky, where he had seen water ice crystals falling from the clouds. The NASA video tells that there is frost in some places on Mars.

NASA’s Viking landers captured images of frozen water in the 1970s. Recently, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has observed its CO2 frost. CO2 frost does not exist on Earth. This is possible only in very cold places, where the temperature is -190 degrees and below. Despite the cold and harsh weather, no area of ​​Mars receives more than a few feet of snow. It also falls on a flat area only.

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