What you need to know from day one

Richard “Alex” Murdoff’s double-murder trial begins next week But this unfolding story from southern South Carolina began more than a year and a half ago.

On January 23, 2021 Murdoff will face his first indictment on a long list of criminal and civil charges in the deaths of his wife Maggie and son Paul on June 7. Both of these deaths were catalysts for the wreckage. The Murdog Dynasty and a much larger story unfolds.

As news of the mother and son’s deaths began to emerge on June 8, 2021, little did anyone know that it would lead to multiple indictments and more than 100 charges against Alex Murdoff, and a story that captivated media and true crime buffs across the country. , what next?

The Greenville News and Hampton County Guardian have been there since day one reporting on Maggie and Paul’s deaths and alleged accomplices looking to see what lies behind the mirror of the Lowcountry dynasty.

Here’s what you need to know before Alex Murdoff goes to trial on January 23.

Beginning: The murders of Maggie and Paul Murdoff, staged shootings, and more

Killing Maggie and Paul:Murduffs killed in double homicide in Colleton County

June 2021:Mardau Family Murders: What We Know

Basic information, rumours:Murdaugh double murder: SLED addresses public, rumors surrounding brutal crime

Murdaf Family Funeral:Funeral arrangements for Murdaugh family homicide victims continue as investigation continues

Arranged Death:Police: Lawyer Moordaf arranged his own death but was shot dead

Alex Murdoff interrupts

SLED investigation:SLED has launched an investigation into allegations that Alex Murdoff misappropriated funds

Murdoch resigned:Accused of misappropriating funds, Alex Murdoff resigned from the law firm and entered rehab

Murdaugh denied:The South Carolina Supreme Court has officially disbarred Alex Murdoff

The Mardaff case is profound

Powers, Prestiges and Privileges:Inside the rise and fall of the Murdaugh dynasty in South Carolina

Murder, mystery, meaning:Here is a timeline of the murders of the Murdaugh family

What we know, and don’t know:The Alex Murdoff Crime Story

True Crime follows Netflix, HBO Maxx, CNN series

Murdoch Mania: The South Carolina murder story attracts a cult-like following online

Netflix Docuseries:Netflix has announced the Murdaugh docuseries to investigate SC crime stories and murders

TV Special:CNN and HBO will air TV specials exploring the Max Murdoff murders and alleged crimes.

Art imitating life?:Art mimics Alex Murdoff’s life in Hampton County with a murder-themed masquerade ball

Cases arising from the Murdaugh story: Russell Laffitte, cases, more

Paul Murdoff charges:Murduff pleaded not guilty, released on bond

A guilty verdict has weight:Marduff case: Attorneys, authors weigh in on ex-Palmetto Bank CEO guilty verdict

Judgment of Russell Lafitte:The banker’s trial sheds light on the Marduff murders and alleged small-town conspiracies

Island for sale:Private island owned by Alex Murdoff and suspected drug smuggler for sale in SC

Dynasty of the Murdouh family

Famous, unconventional bankers in SC:Alex Murdoff, famous for the Lafitte case SC, adds to the reputation for unconventional bankers

A Litigation Dynasty:The Murdaugh dynasty includes a history of taking on bankers and federal prosecutors

Horrors in Hampton County:‘Buster’ Murdoff and Estill Baseball Bat Slayer

Leading up to the Murdaugh double-murder trial

Mardaf murder case:SC says Alex Murdoff should not be ‘special accused’

Trial Date:Murdaugh’s murder trial gets new, earlier date

Marduff murder trial: Attorneys complained of altered photos, tampering with evidence, bad testimony

Don’t want the death penalty:Alex Murdoff murder trial: SC AG Wilson seeks life without parole, not death sentence

Who’s who?:Alex Murdoff murder trial: Meet the SC lawyers, the judge who will be in the spotlight

SC Crime Stories:2022 was a tumultuous year in the Alex Murdoff, Russell Lafitte sagas. What to Expect in 2023

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