WhatsApp banned more than 36 lakh Indian accounts in December 2022

Taking action against the suspicious accounts in India, WhatsApp banned 36.77 lakh accounts in December 2022. In its first month i.e. November 2022, the instant messaging platform banned them by taking action on about 38 lakh accounts. accounts. This information has been given by the platform in an official post. It has been said in the post that the company has banned 13.89 lakh accounts by taking action on their behalf, i.e. without flagging by the users, the company took action against them.

Taking action against a large number of accounts, WhatsApp banned 36.77 lakh accounts to keep the messaging interface clean and free from spam. The company has published its monthly report. This action has been actively taken against 13.89 lakh accounts where the role of the users is not mentioned. While out of 38 lakh accounts banned in November, there were 10 lakh such accounts that were flagged by users. The move is said to be aimed at protecting users from spam, phishing, etc. attacks.

Under the IT Rules 2021, WhatsApp said in its December 2022 report that it banned 3,677,000 accounts between December 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. Of these, 13,89000 accounts were blocked even before the users will report them. The Indian account is identified by the number +91.

In 2021, the government implemented new IT rules, according to which digital platforms with more than 50 lakh users will have to submit their public compliance report every month. In this, the platform will have to say how many complaints it has received in a month and what measures it has taken for them.

Things like hate speech, misinformation, and fake news on major social media platforms have increased a lot in the past as the platforms are now cracking down on users who spread such rumors and misinformation. Just last week, the government announced that there will be 3 appeal committees to hear user complaints and redress their complaints against the big social media companies. It will enter into force on March 1.

In December, WhatsApp user appeals increased by 70 percent to reach 1,607, of which 1,459 were appeals to ban accounts, while only 946 user complaints were received in November. The messaging platform took action on 166 of these appeals. To keep updating the security of WhatsApp, the platform also keeps releasing new features from time to time.

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