Where is Amritpal? Amritpal is still out of the hands of the police, is he hiding in Nanded, Maharashtra? Internet closure in Tarn Taran-Firozpur until March 24

amritpal singh

New Delhi. While on one hand, today 7 close friends of Amritpal Singh, head of Waris Punjab De organization, were presented at Amritsar Baba Bakala Court with a strong police force. We told them that they were sent to police custody until March 23. Earlier yesterday, the Punjab police questioned Amritpal’s wife and mother.

At the same time, the police issued a surveillance circular against Amritpal. Along with this, a warrant for his arrest without the possibility of bail is also issued against him. Along with this, Shukruguzar Singh, the lawyer for the defendants in Amritsar, said that in a case involving Amritpal Singh, the Baba Bakala court has sent 11 defendants to remand for 14 days.

With this, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Punjab, all mobile internet services in Tarn Taran and Ferozepur, all SMS services (except banking and mobile recharge) and all dongle services provided on mobile networks will now be suspended. , except voice calls. as of March 24 it will remain suspended until 12:00 p.m.).

Significantly, Amritpal Singh, the head of ‘Waris Punjab De’ and a staunch Khalistan supporter, has yet to be caught by the police. Now even such apprehensions are being expressed that it can also happen in Nanded of Maharashtra. The Maharashtra Police is also on alert mode in this regard, after which instructions have been issued to block all roads, entrances and exits from the city. According to the information received there, Nanded Police Special Branch has been told that Wazirabad, Shivajinagar, Bhagyanagar, Vimantal, Nanded Rural, Local Crime Branch should be kept vigilant in this regard.

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